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I have these on my s13 and they work great


Picked up a 5 lug conversion from you guys with contano's a while back with arp studs. These are legit guys, they're still working great!


Finally Affordable alternative to ichiba's and used OEM conversions way to go guys, do you have any other products?


Ordered Thursday received them this morning o.0 fast shipping thx bud


also have these on my 13 and have worked great!


bought the intank walbro lastnight haha, fast shipping on the clutch line!


Just received my set, good communication from DRA and the shipping was fast.


Shipping was super fast. Ordered mine arrived on the second day. Great deal thanks


Ordered sunday got them on wednesday, give these guys all your monies great quality!!!


Finally somebody selling 5 lug conversions for a good price and not $500 for old as setups


Bump for these guys, hubs are great.. What an amazing deal for a 5 lug swap


I ordered mine like Friday I think. Yeah man it's a steal of a price. 90 shipped per pair or 170 shipped for both sets!! Can't beat that.


Just got these yesterday, can't beat free 2 day shipping on an already amazing deal. These things look incredible can't wait to get them on the car over the weekend, thanks again for 5 lug dopeness!


Got my set yesterday. Got a tracking number the same day I sent payment, speedy shipping (cali to Chicago in 4 days), and the packaging itself is nicely done as well. Rear hubs look beefy! Thanks again guys!


Awesome price and shipping was fast..


I've been running my set for about a month now and haven't had any issues. The fronts do appear to be longer than stock though, any idea on how much longer? I need spacers for my wheel set up and trying to figure out what kind of slip on I can get away with. I tossed my old set before comparing.


WOW freaking wow. I just put an order in a couple nights ago for a full set for the s14 and they already got here today. And they look amazing too... Definitely spreading the word to my 4-lug friends.


Recieved my front hubs and they look awesome.


Super Fast shipping, Hubs look good, will be going on the car this weekend, Thank you.


got these on my coupe , shipping was fast quality is excellent bolt on with no issue def worth the money!!! ZERO PROBLEMS knock on wood. front wheel studs do look to be longer for those of you running 8 to 8.5 inches in the front 17mm spacer is perfect!!!!


Started to fit mine today, so far looks really good


Received my front hub and are on the car now. Everything seems legit. THX


I ordered a set for my project a few months ago and they are great. Just put another order for a full set for my daily s14. Thanks again...


Thanks guys....AWESOME product....went on PERFECTLY and came in SUPER DUPER FAST!!!


I haven't had any troubles with my rear set. And I just ordered a set for the front too.


Super fast shipping and product looks great so far!!! Thanks guys


Uber fast shipping, cant wait to install these. Great quality too!


So awesome....have them on 4 of my 40s now...one for 3 years without a single issue.


Currently driving cross country with these on the front of my s13. Two 14hr driving days and not a single issue. These things are the real deal.


Just installed my s13 front conversion hubs and they are great! They work perfect and seem to be very durable. I would recommend these to anyone. For $115 you can't go wrong.


Had a set of these for over a year now and still running fine, to all the *snip*boys who say you have to spend top$$$ that rule applies for most but in this case no. great hubs


Not sure what happened to the thread, but am glad it's back up. I've been running a pair of fronts for quite some time now and will vouch wholeheartedly for these. Awesome product at a ridiculous price!


put mine on a few days ago. there pretty aawesome. direct replacement. only thing is you guys gave me extended lugs only on the front for some reason.


Ordered mine a few months ago... finally got around to installing them. Couldn't have been easier - no issues what so ever!


Wow awesome to see you guys doing good! I remember buying a set of these about 2 years ago and they're still going strong! No play, studs are still good, no issues whatsoever!


Thanks for the hubs guys, 2 day shipping was amazing. Also, the packaging was top notch.


These hubs are legit, had these for a couple of months now and they are great!!


Easy install!!


Just put them on my S14 and looks amazing! Easy install, thanks guys!


"Just wanted to add my review. I bought the front hubs back in February popped them on on the 26th then the next day drove 1400 miles to Dallas. I spent 10 weeks out there driving any where to 5 miles to a 100 miles a day drove down to Austin then back to Dallas then all the way back to San Diego. Not one problem, also these studs are longer than the factory studs which is nice. Good shit for the price I paid."


Finally got mine put on. Top notch.


These hubs are awesome for the price! i have had a set on my s14 for over a year now.The costumer support is another reason i went with them.


I installed them last month very happy with them! Can't beat the price!


Picked up a set of these the other day, Fast shipping, good quality, and easy install. Thank you.


i ordered my second set a couple weeks ago and they came fast like 3 days i think . thank u for great service & product drauto!


Got my Front five lug Convertion they look pretty sick

jerry v

A++ Top quality and great customer service. Order was shipped and received promptly, answered any and all questions within 24 hours. Very satisfied with the purchase and would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a 5 lug conversion. Thank you -